Mens Pelvic Health

 Pelvic Pain and Men 

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain in men, is pain anywhere in and around the pelvis that has lasted for longer than three months with nil active infection found.  A man of any age can have CP/CPP, with the most effected age group being 35-45 years old.

It can be very varied in the severity and presentation between each case. Symptoms can include any mix of the following:-

  • pain on passing urine
  • pain around the back and rectum in the joints and muscles
  • abdominal pain
  •  burning sensation in the penis
  • increased frequency to urinate
  • Pain/discomfort post ejaculation 

Symptoms are often increased with sitting, pressure on the perineuim, tight clothes and aggravated by stress.Often physiotherapy is required as part of treatment to facilitate trigger point release, restore ‘normal’ biomechanics and decrease muscle tension in the pelvic area. Other parts of treatment can include relaxation therapy, psychological input, diet and lifestyle changes and pharmacological modalities.With a multi-faceted approach to treatment, prognosis for the condition is good. 

  • Consider Acupuncture
  • Also look at male pelvic to understand the anatomy and complexity of the pelvic region and to benefit from the advice given
  • Read Tim Parkes Teach Us to Sit Still
  • Explore HRC ( Heart Rate Coherence) or EFT to reduce stress levels
  • Work at lengthening all the muscles that are inserted into the pelvic area -  see attached sheet especially piriformis and obturator internsus.
  • Practice Mindfulness or Body Scanning, find one that works for you
  • Take a recommended Probiotic

 Our goal is to rehabilitate and lengthen the short contracted muscles of the pelvic floor/hip joint and to calm the over arousal of the nervous system. Check out Somatic Expereincing also.

We work closing with other Pelvic Health Specialists in the area.