Visceral Mobilisation - November 2017

Course Title: Visceral Release and Mobilisation - SOLD OUT

Course Objectives

Hands on, assessment and manual therapy methods course for the abdomen and pelvis.

  • Learn what lies between the Rectus Abdominus and Psoas Major muscles, and how the abdominal viscera are suspended and hang together. 
  • Intraperitoneal + Retroperitoneal organs and respective fascial architecture palpated and assessed. 
  • To be able to differentiate layers of tissue from skin to the spine. Build on palpation and assessment skills – the clinical picture to treat low back, Constipation, Pelvic pain, acid reflux (GERD) and rehab from abdominal surgery.
  • Teach clients about their own bodies. Talk about normal physiology, how various metabolic systems work, and the inter-relationship of the nervous system, energy and structure.


Pre Reading

  • The Second Brain – Michael Gershon (Chapter on digestive system is great).
  • Why stomach acid is good for you – Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. and Lane Lenard Ph.D.
  • From Soil to Psyche – David A.Phillips, Ph.D.
  • Love your -
  • Tracey Wallton – Oncology massage
  • Gil Hedley – Anatomy – YouTube -
  • Optimal Nutrition for the Mind - Patrick Holford
Venue: Bristol Royal Informary
Date: 25th /26th November 2017 
Host: Helen Hodder 
Cost: £247

Alex Antoniou, BSc Honors’ Physiotherapy, MCSP, HPC. Specialist in musculoskeletal sports, neck and low back pain, Abdominal visceral and neurological treatment and Chronic pain management.

Maria Elliott, Chartered Physiotherapist, MCSP, HPC, POGP, APPI Abdominal and Pelvic Men and Women’s health physiotherapist, Pilates teacher and Mummy MOT® Founder.

Jacek Kazberuk, MSc Physiotherapist, Poland, CThA, BAUK
Abdominal and Thoracic Visceral Therapy specialist, Bowen Technique ** and Holistic therapist.


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Images from our last training day


AGENDA - Day One

9:00 Registration

9:15 Introduction & Course Objectives

9:30     Theory

  • Learn what lies between the Rectus Abdominis and Psoas Major muscles and how the abdominal viscera is suspended and hangs together    


10:00   Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1 Find, Feel , Connect  

  • Palpation of the abdominal Fascia 4 Layers.


10:50 Break


11:00 Anatomy and Physiology Lab 2

  • Intraperitoneal  and respective fascial architecture anatomy and Physiology

  • Intraperitoneal + fascial architecture palpated and assessed. Alex


12 :00   Anatomy and Physiology Lab 3

  • Uturus and associated pelvic ligs.


12:30 Lunch  


1 :00     Clincal Applications

  • Contra Indications

  • Treatment Goals  

  • Golden Fish / Breathing  


1:30 Lab 4: Clinical Applications for the Following Conditions   

  • Acid Reflux, Back Pain, Constipation,

  • Abdominal Focus


2 :45  Break


3:00 Lab 5: Clinical Applications to Pelvic Region /Urological/ Gynecological conditions   

  • Bladder, Uterus, Umbilicus Lig, Broad Lig, Appendectomy

  • Endometriosis, TAH, IC, C Section, RDA, Prolapse, Post Gynecological Surgery,


4 30: Questions / Reviewing Case Study. 


5:00    Finish



AGENDA - Day Two

8:30 Registration

9:00 Introduction & Course Objectives

9:15     Practical Recap of Day 1.

  • Review and practice techniques

  • Ask any questions


10:15     Theory

  • Topography/regions of the abdomen, Emotional links re-organs, Abdominal Visceral symptoms – What do they mean?


11:00  Break


11:15   Practical Release Lab 1 Testing/Diaphragm/Peritoneum

  • Visceral Testing – 5 Quick tests

  • Diaphragm Connections, Passageways, ducts and Release techniques.

  • Peritoneum Release techniques


12:15 Lunch


01:15 Practical Release Lab 2 – Stomach/Intestines/Suspensory ligaments/Sphincters

  • Advanced Stomach release techniques

  • Advanced Intestines release – with lumbar movement added.

  • Release of Suspensory ligaments – Colon to Ovaries.

  • The 3 Sphincter Release


02:15   Practical Release Lab 3

  • Mobilisation of Liver/Spleen/Stomach through Ribs and Diaphragm.


02:45 Break


03:00     Practical Release Lab 4 – Liver and Gall Bladder/Renal Fascia/Thorax

  • Basic and Advanced Liver and Gall bladder release techniques

  • Superior Lumbar Triangle – Renal Fascia Release


04:00 Clinical Application for clients – Education and Home exercises

  • Home exercises

  • Diet


04:15 Questions / Reviewing Case Studies 

5:00    Finish