Visceral Mobilisation

Course Title: Visceral Release and Mobilisation

Date: 21st April 2018

Course Objectives 

  • Hands on, assessment and manual therapy methods course for the abdomen and pelvis
  • Learn what lies between the Rectus Abdominus and Psoas Major muscles, and how the abdominal viscera are suspended and hang together. 
  • Intraperitoneal + Retroperitoneal organs and respective fascial architecture palpated and assessed. 
  • To be able to differentiate layers of tissue from skin to the spine. Build on palpation and assessment skills – the clinical picture to treat low back, Constipation, Pelvic pain, acid reflux (GERD) and rehab from abdominal surgery. 
  • Teach clients about their own bodies. Talk about normal physiology, how various metabolic systems work, and the inter-relationship of the nervous system, energy and structure.

Pre Reading

  • The Second Brain – Michael Gershon (Chapter on digestive system is great).
  • Why stomach acid is good for you – Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. and Lane Lenard Ph.D.
  • From Soil to Psyche – David A.Phillips, Ph.D.
  • Love your -
  • Tracey Wallton – Oncology massage
  • Gil Hedley – Anatomy – YouTube -
  • Optimal Nutrition for the Mind - Patrick Holford
Date: 21st April 2018
Cost: £247
Alex Antoniou, BSc Honors’ Physiotherapy, MCSP, HPC. Specialist in musculoskeletal sports, neck and low back pain, Abdominal visceral and neurological treatment and Chronic pain management.
Maria Elliott, Chartered Physiotherapist, MCSP, HPC, POGP, APPI Abdominal and Pelvic Men and Women’s health physiotherapist, Pilates teacher and Mummy MOT® Founder.


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